Kutcher Punk’d Wozniak and Brogrammed “Jobs” to Hide the Women

Katherine’s analysis of the movie Jobs is published in the online film journal Bright LightsTaxonomy is about seeing the relationships between different elements of the material being organized.  That’s what I did for this article.  I paid attention to the details and found a very different movie.  Here’s the article’s first paragraph.

“Ashton Kutcher, producer and star of MTV’s celebrity prankster series Punk’d, played a prank on Steve Wozniak in the film Jobs, where he stars in the title role. The prank symbolically places Woz in a female role and gives primary engineering credit to early Apple employee Rod Holt. Kutcher’s motive may have been Wozniak’s agreement to help Aaron Sorkin with another Jobs biopic and his refusal to work with Kutcher and director Joshua Michael Stern on this one. With Woz as the feminine lead, Kutcher and Stern hide Apple’s female innovators and trivialize the women in Jobs’ life using brogramming techniques that discourage women from entering the technology field.”

Apr 2014