Strategic Information Arrangement: Theory and Techniques

CE Course at Simmons College in October, 2009.

Instructor:  Katherine Bertolucci

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Edward Lutyens’ Memorial to the Missing of the Somme in Thiepval, France honors 72,000 British Commonwealth soldiers missing from the Battle of the Somme in WWI.  This memorial influenced Maya Lin’s design of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Both have the goal of keeping comrades together.  Because the two wars were so different, they each use unique arrangements to achieve the same goal.  (Photo:  Commonwealth War Graves Commission)


This four week course looks at arrangement methods and persuasive strategies that help you organize information to promote your goals.  Included is a unit on the arrangement of names at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Memorial to the Missing of the Somme from WWI.  The course also features Snoopy, the Rolling Stones, and the Burning Man festival in Nevada to show you how to successfully and persuasively arrange information.   

Audience:  Librarians and anyone else who organizes information.  Many supervisors believe all librarians know exactly how to organize everything.  They are often chosen for an arrangement project even if their specialty is search rather than classification.  This course will help you meet that expectation.     

Purpose: Students learn the basic methods of organizing information.  They also learn persuasive strategies that complement an organizational structure.    

Format:  The online fourweek course uses weekly PowerPoint slides with textual notes, and optional readings.  There is an optional online discussion each week and an optional final project of organizing a list of titles in an entertaining topic.   

Hours to complete: That depends on the student.  The PowerPoint slide shows are relatively short, with notes written in an entertaining style.  Students can read as many or as few of the resources as they want.  Most of the additional readings are essays about information organization from Katherine’s blog, IsisInBlog.  Optional online discussions are one hour each week.  Timing for the optional final project again depends on the student, mostlikely a few hours.    

The instructor will provide feedback on the readings during the weekly online discussions.  Final projects also receive extensive feedback.

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Aug 2009